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Airfix 1/72 A6M2 Model 21 Zero

January 22, 2014 in Aviation

A nice kit. Horrible wheels…get yourself some resin ones if you build this. I used Eduard canopy mask..and will never NOT be able to use them in this scale again…I likely would still be masking the canopy without them!

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7 responses to Airfix 1/72 A6M2 Model 21 Zero

  1. Very nice job given the scale…..especially on the canopy. I use canopy masks whenever I can get them for the subject matter (what a lifesaver)….I detest masking canopies the “old fashioned way” – 30 minutes of work for 30 seconds of paint.

  2. looking good…and nice pre-shading

  3. I did 6 of these in 2012 and never got one to look as good as yours. The canopy on all of mine was terrible. I have one still left over and decided I would chop it up and make three seperate dioramas out of it. One is done, (using tail only)the second is nearly done (Only need rt. wing) and the third (left wing and forward fuselage) is almost finished as well. I think you guys will enjoy it when I get it all together.

  4. Nicely done…Great looking Zeke!

  5. Great Zero Chris. Beautifully finished.

  6. Chris,
    Your a man of few words but a lot of skills. I think this Zero is excellent. I went back to your other article and I am very impressed with your model work and your art. I love what you did with the Monogram F4B and the F4J. Excellent stuff.

  7. Very nice looking Zero, Chris, I wouldn’t have known it’s 1/72 unless you told me.

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