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Another one off the “Bucket List”..

January 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

While in Sedona, AZ, I (we) had the opportunity to take a ride in an open cockpit bi-plane (a Waco). Once around the field with breath-taking views for a mere $150. My first time in the type. Straight and level, but a wonderful experience. Just thought I’d share.

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22 responses to Another one off the “Bucket List”..

  1. Great shots, was it cold up there or were you wearing a flight jacket?

  2. Nice pics Craig, glad that you both had a great time.
    I could not get my wife in a plane, she scared S******* of them.

  3. Wow! Great view from the cockpit)))

  4. i did a stearman…only 90 mph but as much fun as the snj…bet you had a great time

  5. Nice going Craig. Not often we get to pick one off our ‘bucket list”. Yours looked exciting for sure.

  6. That looks like it was fun.

  7. Fantastic, Craig, you obviously really enjoyed it, how about a model of it now?

    • Is there even a Waco kit available? Never looked for one. Guess that’s because I dislike anything with multiple struts, multiple wings and all that rigging!
      Couldn’t resist goin’ for a ride, though. 🙂

  8. Sedona’s about 4,500 feet altitude. The Waco is in Utility Category, so can certainly do up to +5G aerobatics. Open cockpits are a lot of fun.

    • Well in that case, I guess we were either takin’ off or (more probably @ 90 kts.), landin’. If the altimeter was set, it appears we were “only” about 400′ off the ground when I snapped that pic, huh?

  9. Craig,
    Nothing like a ride in an open cockpit. It even gets cold in hot weather. Imagine what it would be like in winter. Beautiful WACO. Know what WACO stands for?

    No cheating Tom… Let him answer.

  10. The rock formations are even more impressive from above. That looks like it would have been a lot of fun. How did they manage to keep control with such a complex instrument panel?!:)

  11. Cool! Craig, were you the pilot flying that WACO?

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