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Harrier GR.3, Airfix 1/72nd

January 11, 2014 in Aviation

So here’s this week’s model. It’s the Airfix kit. Problem free build. The pilot is from PJ Productions and the bombs are from the Revell Tornado GR.1 kit. I used some plastic card and superglue to correct the tip of the tail (Kit tail has a GR.1 style short cap – needs making a couple mm taller and more rakish, very easily done!).

Paint is Mr Color, and I really like the scale effect I’ve got here. The DSG is actually C13 Neutral grey, and the green is C323 NATO green lightened with flesh. Sidewinder modification panels on wing uppers are Tamiya paints. Enamel wash , Vallejo detail painting. Final finish is Vallejo matt in several coats micromeshed between coats. Exhasut stains are airbrushed oil paints – I like their translucency and gradual build up to that greasy, stained exhaust look rather than a sooty look. Seven day’s work. And I just realised I haven’t added the yaw vane in front of the canopy yet! I’ll do that in a minute. Hope you like.

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5 responses to Harrier GR.3, Airfix 1/72nd

  1. Beautiful job Drewe. Nice sharp, clean finish with a “loaded for work” bombload. Reading your other articles, it seems that you weren’t joking when you said you could make an unlimited supply of display stands. It really allows for the full streamlined look when you can display it with wheels up and in flight. Looks great.

  2. Though I do very few in this scale, that Harrier looks just great! Nice work, Drewe.

  3. Very nice Drewe, my favourite aircraft! Looks awesome.

  4. Nice clean build. Great paint scheme and application, more colorful than the US version.

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