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Major Walter Nowotny Messerschmitt 262A-1a

January 16, 2014 in Aviation

Erprobungskommando Walter Nowotny
Achmer 1944
Modell Hasegawa 1:32

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13 responses to Major Walter Nowotny Messerschmitt 262A-1a

  1. Super clean build. The attention to detail is wonderful, the camo paint is a real eye catcher!

  2. Very nice build, with a clean look to it. Nicely done with some great pics .

  3. Very nice. Great paint job and finish and the base and figures give it some life in a small space. Thanks for the photos.

  4. Impressive model!! Nice paint job!

  5. Big and beautiful ! Nice work!

  6. Hans,
    Absolutely stunning. A beautiful job on a beautiful airplane.

  7. Another beautiful looking 262, Hans, the photographs really set it off to perfection.

  8. Fantastic! I like the frontal shot which really shows off the sleek efficient lines of the 262. Great finish/markings too.

  9. Beautiful air brush work! Amazing pilot Walter Nowotney, tragic he was killed so near the end. How those Luftwaffe aces must have loved the 262, to be able to engage and disengage at will!

  10. Hans, the 262 is one of my favorite aircraft, and Walter Nowotny was one of the most famous pilots to fly it. Yours is a very beautiful rendition of this amazing machine. Many thanks!

  11. Thanks for the comments on this aircraft, so it’s a nice plane
    I and my wife have seen at the airshow in Kirchheim Teck in action, along with the Messerschmitt 109 Red 7 Since it is a cold and warm up the back and down.

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