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P-47 W.I.P.

January 22, 2014 in Aviation

i hate W.I.P. personally…half the time you don’t see the finish…got that old tamiya kit down and polished it up a bit…with a little silver
plating…simon wh and tom cl made me do it {dirty filthy devils }…the people that have lead me into mischief are strangely among my most treasured friends [smile ]…and i wanted to say to martin…thank you boss

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14 responses to P-47 W.I.P.

  1. Bob looking good ….so far? Best friends=Trouble?, Well I’d have to to say that that equation holds true on my end! Makes life that more fun!

  2. Woo Hoo! Gonna be a beauty!
    Must be best buddies day. Headed off to Daytona for 5 days of mayhem with a few of mine.

  3. Gonna be sharp Bob,. One word of advice, leave the sway braces off the belly until you’ve got the main gear legs on, or if you’re going to add them per the instructions, make a protective collar for them. That way when you inevitably set the kit down on its belly, the sway braces won’t get broken off, ask me how I know…twice…lol
    Keep up the good work looking forward to seeing her finished.

    • i’ve made that mistake more than once myself rick…an easy fix is to drill out where the broken adjusters were a little deeper and slide in some cut off pins…slide the pins in a little deep…apply the tank…then roll it over and let the pin slide out to where the heads hit the tank…but as you said why create work…just press them in last they don’t even need glue…thank you

      • Hi Bob, thanks for the great idea for fixing the sway braces. That’s why I like this hobby I’ve learned two new techniques in two days.
        Now all I have to do is apply them correctly…;-)Rick

  4. Looking good Bob. Tamiya make a great P-47 🙂

  5. It`s looking good Bob, cannot wait for some more pics.

  6. You better watch out Mr. Mack – that there’s lookin’ an awful lot like a major contest winner! 🙂

  7. I hope you’re not just teasing us, Bob, can’t wait to see the finished model.

  8. Very clean build thus far, looking forward to the beautiful paint application!

  9. I’m awestruck Bob! Not only do the assembled parts look terriffic, but your workbench looks clean & tidy. Mine always looks like a disaster area, so I’ve learned something from you. Thanks!

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