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Repost with finished base

January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sorry to post again, but this is the first base/ground cover I’ve ever done!
Thanks Mr.Mike R for the help. I’ve found something thats almost as much fun as modeling so there are more bases that will be made! (May even try figures next..NAWWwww

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4 responses to Repost with finished base

  1. Don’t know if you did anything more than the base, but the entire model looks if possible even better than before… very crisp. The base adds that little something, too.

    • Shot at the photo booth at work instead of the old digital camera at home. Helps to have a great camera and studio lights!
      Otherwise just the base is finished, rocks were dry brushed with light shades of tan, they are from Colorado.
      Next is a revetment from Viet Nam, NC red clay will be used for that, looks like a good match

  2. Steve,
    Great job. I love it. This thing looks real……….. for a robot

  3. Looks great Steven. The base does add a lot. Simple and adds some colour with the grass to offset the mechanical look of the model. I found these droids to be used for comic relief in the movies, but your model makes them very menacing and determined looking. I really like it.

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