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ROG 1/32 He 162 WIP aircraft

January 20, 2014 in Aviation

This is the ROG 1/32 He 162, since this shot tonight the whole thing has been buttoned up
Seams and paint are next. Trying to decide if I want to paint the tail and wing separate or glue them on first? Might do a slightly different shade wing and nacelle too.

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9 responses to ROG 1/32 He 162 WIP aircraft

  1. Steve, can’t wait to see the final outcome. So far it is excellent.

  2. Looks great- look forward to seeing the finished Salamander.

  3. Great start Steve, I always liked the volksjager.

  4. I really like what I see at this point. Keep going…

  5. Thanks all, paint on the wings and cowls tomorrow night

  6. gorgeous interior…great start

  7. Beautiful finish on these parts, Steven, I’m sure the finished article will look great.

  8. Steven, really looking forward to seeing the completed model. The He-162 is a very unique looking aircraft. Is that the kit interior out of the box, or have you added aftermarket or scratch built detail? Beautiful work, thanks for posting.

    • Nothing added, it’s all just OOB. I thought the engine and cockpit looked busy enough. Besides there is way to much to add that is missing, I just wanted to have a fun little project!

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