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Two more photos from Flt Lt Roy French

January 18, 2014 in Aviation

Acording to Roy’s logbook, these were taken on a “fun flight” in September 1953; this would have been just before his return to England. Roy is flying F-86F-1 52-4345, an early narrow-chord/slatted-wing F-86F, while the two he photographed are later 6-3 “hard wing” F-86Fs. This puts closed to the “expert” statements that “all F-86Fs were upgraded with the new wing leading edge.” Also of note is the fact they are all carrying the “Misawa tanks.” As you can see from the photo of ‘345, these tanks were considerably larger than the standard drop tanks.

Sure would be nice if some enterprising aftermarket guy would do Misawa tanks for Sabres.

1 additional image.

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3 responses to Two more photos from Flt Lt Roy French

  1. Great photos. Looking at that little nose “lip” on the pitot type engine air intake, wasn’t there a case of two Sabres ending up far north of the Yalu (Spelling?) river in combat with Mig 15’s. One of them was either hit or for some other reason lost engine power. His wingman then hooked that nose lip gently onto the bottom of his tail pipe and “pushed” his mate out till south of the river, to a safe ejection area. Amazing, and I think a true story?

  2. Thanks for posting the pics, Tom…..just love the Sabre – one of my favorites.

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