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How to move a Spitfire

February 9, 2014 in Aviation

You Spitfire fans might find this link interesting…………….
Hope you enjoy it.

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9 responses to How to move a Spitfire

  1. George, pretty interesting. I’ll probably reveal my lack of Spitfire knowledge, but is that a Mk 22 or 24, or a more traditional PR.19? Or something else? Not the sort of thing you expect to see coming out of a building on a city street! Thanks.

    • Hi Robert, thanks for looking. Unfortunately my knowledge of Spitfires (and aircraft generally) is pretty low, so I can’t help you regarding which Mark this particular one is, but I’m sure someone who uses this site can help, Tony Prince, maybe?

  2. George,
    Even in pieces the Spitfire is gorgeous. There are items in any type of venue that never cease to impress. As in fine art the Spit is impressive. We all have our favorite list of aircraft and I will bet the Spitfire is on everyone’s list.

  3. I’m gutted ,the MoSI is in my locality I’ve visited it many times,I didn’t know they were losing the spitfire.They have a prototype EE Lightning and a Shackleton ,the steam engine hall is interesting as well.

  4. Looks like a Mk19 to me, I would say not a Mk24 looking at the shape of the tailfin. Looks in good condition! Maybe could be turned into a flyer? Where is it going?

  5. Couldn’t resist this one! Your Spit is, I think, an FR Mk XIV & shows the camera port just behind the cockpit. The XIX only came with a high back fuselage & although Mk XIVs had both high & low backs, this one has a low back & bubble canopy. The fin could be either Mk XIV or XVIII. Mk 22s & 24s had the very much bigger fin & rudder as for the Spiteful, as well as a different wing plan form. In this case the wing appears to be an ‘e’ wing with the cannon bulge outboard of the .5″ machine gun. The Mk 21 doesn’t work either, as it also came with a high back fuselage & 4×20 mm cannon. So, to me, it’s an FR Mk XIVe.
    Hope this helps.

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