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Royal Air Force Hawker Tempest Mk.V (early) – 3 Squadron – Academy 1/72

The response I’ve had to the F-111 and P-40 has been overwhelming and I appreciate all those have commented on the posts. It really is appreciated.

Back to 1/72 scale this time with the venerable 1/72 Academy Hawker Tempest built as one of the earlier Mk.V’s. the biggest visual difference between the early and late Tempests are the longer cannon barrels protruding from the leading edge. These have been made from some Evergreen plastic rod shaped and then faired in with some Mr Surfacer. I’ve made a few other small modifications to this one in the way of cutting and re positioning the elevators and yes, the control column has been positioned correctly for those in the know! I also opened up the radiator cowl flap. Simple additions in the way of Quickboost exhausts help improve that area as the kit exhausts are teeny tiny stubs of plastic. Tamiya tape seat belts also give the cockpit a bit more visual interest.

Once again all paints are Gunze acrylic with the D-day bands being painted rather decaled (sp???). Decals are from Eagle Strike. The whip antennae on the spine is from fibre optic cable.

The final image will give you an impression of the diminutive size of this model though nothing like Jose’s (@konda24) Su-25!

Thanks for stopping by.


6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

8 responses to Royal Air Force Hawker Tempest Mk.V (early) – 3 Squadron – Academy 1/72

  1. This is very well done Michael. I have this kit in the stash. Looks like I’ll need to get it out.

  2. You’ll enjoy it Al. It’s the second build of this kit. There are a few sink marks around the port side cockpit area and wings that can be cleaned up with a bit of Mr Surfacer. The fir of the wing around the back edge of the radiator can be a bit tight to see some delicate sanding might be in order.

    I’ve got this little fellas big brother in the stash (PCM 1/32) with all the Barracuda resin to throw at it at some stage.

    The Tempest is my favourite WW2 aircraft. (I know, blasephemy that it isn’t a Spitfire or 109!)



  3. Michael,
    Beautifully done. It is quite obvious that this is your favorite WWII aircraft as you have made it look real. Excellent job.

  4. Your 72nd scale builds compare to many larger scale stuff I’ve seen. You do a really nice job on ’em. I rarely dabble in that scale and now I can see why. They’d not look nearly as well done as these. Top-notch pics as well.

  5. Nice clean build, wonderful mild weathering job, great panel lines.

  6. Nice work, with a realistic final finish. Those early airplanes were not heavily weathered and you have caught the look well.

  7. Lovely job. A Tempest well built and finished.
    Well done Michael.

  8. Very nice loooking Tempest, very clean build, especially impressive in 1/72.

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