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Royal Air Force SEPECAT Jaguar T.2A, 54 Squadron – Italeri 1/72

Hi again all.

I promise that this will be the last one for a while!!!

I finished this one back in 2012. It’s the Italeri 1/72 Jag T-2A with Aeroclub ejection seats and decals by the now defunct Model Alliance. I’d have gone with the kit decals but I found out prior to the build that the kit roundels and squadron markings are quite overscale as are the stencils. So if you have this one in the stash, have a hunt round for the decal sheet for the appropriately sized ones.

There’s only two real build issues with the kit. The rear panel insert between engines is a fiddly fit and takes a bit of work to tidy up the seam line. The second area is the rear section of the overwing join to the fuselage. I used some Vallejo plastic putty to close up the gap. The clear parts aren’t really a great fit either so I left the canopies open. The HUD has also been replaced as the kit part had the clarity of a glass coke bottle. The CBLS 100 practice bomb dispensers are from Jenesis designs and include the bomblets.

Paints are Gunze and some oils for the weathering.



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17 responses to Royal Air Force SEPECAT Jaguar T.2A, 54 Squadron – Italeri 1/72

  1. great job…that’s such a neat little aircraft

    • It’s beautiful. A great airframe, too. Can I ask whether you re-scribed the panel lines before applying the oil wash? I have found that after primer, paint and a clear coat the panel lines are so shallow they don’t hold the MIG wash very well. Congrats again!

      • Tom, I did rescribe the panel lines before applying paint. In the case of the Italeri plastic it always seems to need it if you want it to hold a wash. I tend to apply light costs and build up depth of colour rather than prime. From memory I don’t think I primed the Jag. Neat little kit though and the 1/48 Kittyhawk two holer is imminent too!

  2. Nice work Mike on a subject that doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention.

  3. This is excellent. Keep them coming Michael.

  4. Mick,

    The kit looks like a repop of a Hasegawa kit. Having written that …excellent canopy work,some strong neat sharp crisp paint work and decaling.
    Hard to believe that these a/c have been retired.

    Two thumbs up

  5. Nice clean build, prototypical paint application, great effort.

  6. Michael,
    Another great looking British aircraft and you have done it justice. Outstanding.

  7. the poor man’s phantom as it was referred to back in the day

  8. Nice! Always liked that plane,even looks good as a two holer.
    Great build, great paint makes it look like 1/48th! Nice job

  9. I agree with Steven; it could easily be 1/48 scale. A fine paint job & superb weathering again!

  10. A very nice Jag Michael. Nice to see one posted.
    Makes think of dragging my single seater out of the stash to build.
    Well done sir.

  11. Very nice mate, looks awesome.

  12. Thanks fellas.


  13. Like the Tempest, this is another very clean build, and could easily be 1/48 if we didn’t know.

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