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Royal Australian Air Force F-111C – Hasegawa 1/72

Hi everyone.

Thought I’d load this one up as my first contribution to the site. It’s the first version of the very nice 1/72 Hasegawa F-111C Royal Australian Air Force boxing.

Several enhancements have been made to the kit including a new instrument panel to replace the kit decal option, dual throttles, radar hood, open pilot side canopy and some minor work in the nose wheel well to cover up the unsightly seam down the guts of the roof. The overwing seals are from Tamiya tape and the Mk.82 500 lber’s are from one of the Hasegawa weapons sets.

Decals are the original kit option which silvered in some areas (seen in some of the pics).

Paints are all Gunze acrylics thinned with Mr Color lacquer thinner shot through a H&S Infinity.

I had the good fortune of my father working on these in the R.A.A.F. when I was a kid. I regulalry saw them flying around the skies of Ipswich in this scheme which I think suites the ‘Pig’. The later FS36118 machines were a bit drab.

She also picked up a gong at the 2013 Queensland Model & Hobby Expo in the small scale Enhanced/Modified category. She was then delivered to a friend as a thankyou git for some stuff he helped me out with on another model.

Hope you like it.



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19 responses to Royal Australian Air Force F-111C – Hasegawa 1/72

  1. Welcome aboard Michael. Nice work on your model and great photos as well.

  2. Great job, Michael. Hard to believe it’s 1/72 ! Nice and tight !

  3. Michael,
    Like it? I love it. This is outstanding. May I add, welcome to this site. You will enjoy the worldwide company as we will enjoy seeing your work. Your friend has to be thrilled upon receiving the wonderful gift.

  4. Easily mistaken for 48th scale, sir….outstanding workmanship.

  5. These are big birds in 1/48 so 1/72 is still a nice sized aircraft. Great work.

  6. Great build Michael, a lovely rendition of a “Pig”
    Well done sir.

  7. Thanks for the generous comments fellas! It helps with the motivation. Cheers, Mick

  8. Welcome to the forum Mike, well done Aardvark. Still the best F-111 in this scale after 30 years now can you believe it!!!! Remember building the F-111E version. When you first pop the box lots of parts, but really not that difficult to build though it is a complicated airframe with the swing wings. Thanks for sharing a well done F-111.

  9. Nice clean build, exceptional paint application, the decal silvering you describe is not readily apparent and doesn’t detract from the over all effort. Great job!

  10. Welcome. We need more inmates. Great looking Pig.

  11. Hi mate, lovely build! I like the side by side seating position on these jets. You have definitely done this one justice.

  12. I can’t believe it’s 1/72, beautifully built, just the ticket!

  13. the pig,indeed…try to catch one down low at full mil

  14. Thanks gents for the warm welcome too!

  15. Good job Michael…This is one of my favorite workhorses. This took the place of the ol’ B-58 Hustler and was going to be a considered for a Carrier role which was short lived when the F-14 was developed.

  16. Tail end Charlie…some excellent paint feathering with the edges done to scale.

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