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Royal Navy Corsair II Tamiya 1/48

February 27, 2014 in Aviation

Always a favourite with me & I know I’m not alone. Tamiya do a superb kit here & I really like this colour scheme for the Fleet Air Arm. This one has the clipped wing tips necessary to fit (folded) in the hangar deck & represents an aircraft of 1834 Squadron operating from HMS Victorious in the British Pacific Fleet, probably in August 1945. The national markings were designed to be compatible with Corsairs of the USN by featuring the same white bars & removing all red centres. Decals are by Techmod.
This is my fourth Corsair & I have three more to go…..That’s true love.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to Royal Navy Corsair II Tamiya 1/48

  1. Fantastic Corsair. Like it!!

  2. Great build Tony, Tamiya have nearly always done a decent kit of this.
    Lovely finish to it and some great pics as well.
    Very well done Tony.

  3. Never seen those markings before. Really good looking Corsair Tony. Finish is great.

  4. Nice clean build, great weathering applications, especially the gun area (black residue detail on the wing).

  5. I agree with Mike, your weathering really makes this model stand out-Great looking build all around. The FAA Corsairs in their “Slime and Grime” color scheme are really great looking AC and a nice change of pace from their USN brothers in blue. Thanks for posting it.

  6. Hi Tony,
    Wonderful Corsair and rare colors for me. Very good job on this kit. Congratulations.

    Eric from France

  7. Really nice model. I like the FAA Corsairs also. Here’s some painting information that may be helpful in the future for those of you who also like FAA Corsairs:

    Vought-built Corsair I used FAA colors (they were right down the road from Grumman, who did the same). Goodyear-built Corsair II (FG-1A), used the “Lend-lease equivalent” colors of Neutral Grey and Olive Drab uppers, and Light Aircraft Grey for the lower. The OD used was early OD, which is “green base” and is in fact an exact match for RAF Dark Green, since both were based on the official specification for World War I “P.C.10”. After a few months in the Pacific, that OD color would have been nearly indistinguishable from faded Dark Slate Grey, and would look pretty much like yours.

    As an aside, the few Corsair III airplanes (Brewster F3A-1) were delivered in USN tri-color. The Goodyear-built Corsair IV (FG-1D) were all Glossy Sea Blue.

  8. Great build….nice job on the finish (love that color scheme). Excellent photos as well.

  9. Yet another lovely Corsair model, very nice finish and weathering.

  10. Tony,
    This is absolutely gorgeous. Your skills are evident in this masterpiece.

  11. Simply a superior representation. Gorgeous build.

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