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1/6th scale D-Day weaponry (added pics)

The only gripe I have with the manufacturer (Dragon), is the lack of directions. The “instruction sheet” is one piece of paper with a black & white photograph of the assembled model with part numbers and arrows pointed toward the general location.

No step-by-step method as to what goes exactly where and when it goes there. You’d best be pretty sure of yourself before applying any type of adhesive somewhere.

Unless you’re very familiar with the weapon, you’re on your own as far as assembly.
After review, the highlights and weathering applied with Doc O’Brien’s powders appear much more stark and ‘noticeable’ in the photos – not so in person….strange.

I’ve since replaced the bi-pod on the .30 with a tripod. Had to wait for a replacement part for months. My cat has since returned the “lost” piece.

I also have the water-cooled version of the .30 cal. but for some reason, I’m thinkin’ that was used only in the pacific theater (but I could be wrong – again).

The MG42 was (unfortunately) also a ‘player’ in the D-Day invasion(s). And was the most accurate of the Dragon offerings in my estimation.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to 1/6th scale D-Day weaponry (added pics)

  1. This is definitely something different Craig. Very realistic appearance. Are the powders you used what gives the metallic finish?

  2. They all look great! The water cooled weapon was used extensively in the Pacific, and is a lot of fun to shoot!

  3. Something different and very beautiful

  4. those are beautifully done

  5. Well done Craig! I remember our discussion about Dragon instructions back when we first started with their individual and crew served weapons kits. I really enjoyed the M-14 with its operational features, but wish they would help us assemblers with better instructions.

  6. VERRRRRY Cool. I like guns. The linked ammo belts look really good in that series. Well done.

  7. Very different model, Craig, the finish you achieved is especially good.

  8. Craig, Great looking builds- looks like you could grab them take’ them to the range and send a few rounds down range!

  9. Craig,
    Very nicely done. I like them.

  10. Nice clean build(s). I especially like the water cooled 30cal. version.

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