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March 15, 2014 in Aviation

Hi All, Here is one of my 1/72 Hobby Boss quick builds this time it the FW190-Dora,
This time i thought i would try something a little different so i posed it just as its taken off and the undercarriage on its way up.
A great little kit the only negative is the terrible depiction of the Swastika’s on the Decal sheet these were in two parts and look nothing like the real thing but they were all i had so i stuck em on, the other oddity with pretty much all these little kits is that the canopies can be bit hit or miss were fit is concerned.
painted with the Mr Aqueous acrylics and weathered in the usual way with dark dirt Flory Wash.
hope you like it

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10 responses to FW190-D9

  1. Nice job there Mark,I’ve got a decal sheet of swastikas if you want to re-do them.

    • Cheers Neil, i recently picked a set up from transport models,
      i will get round to doing something about them one day just at the moment they can stay on, im struggling to get on with anything at the moment as things keep getting in the way mainly work and when i get a minute where i could be modelling i keep getting side tracked.
      Ok Mate See you soon

  2. The finish looks great especially the underside.
    Your camera can take a lot better close-up photos than on this small stuff.

    • i know AL i think i had a bad bout of camera shake, i need to improve the lighting then the thing can shoot faster exposures
      or get a tripod, i may do some more shots with the DSLR i have but its a pain setting it all up
      maybe next time i hope to improve
      Cheers AL

  3. Another stellar example of small-scale workmanship. Nice work.

  4. Really cool model, with the take off display/pose. Great work Mark.

  5. As above , a nice looking FW in the classic pose.
    Well done Mark.

  6. Mark, I like it. I like how you have displayed it and it is another of your finely crafted models

  7. This pose makes for great photographs, another good job, Mark.

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