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1/32 F-18e

April 7, 2014 in Aviation

This is the 1/32 Trumpeter kit. The model went together well. I really cant complain about fit.

Parts added:
Rhino intakes (great fit)
Seat from legend
Bombs from the trumpeter tomcat

Items “fixed”:
The vent holes in the back fuselage were moved to the proper position
The raised positions (where the light bars go) on the vertical was removed (way to thick)
Screen to replace poor kit part on the nose gear door

Fighter Town “The Dogs of War” Fantastic set! I did use some of the kit stencil as FTD pointed out and I confirmed in pics…..this jet has very little in the way of stencils

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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9 responses to 1/32 F-18e

  1. Great looking build, Rob. One of our club members built this kit, and found he needed a large display case to keep it pristine.

  2. That looks nice Rob. A big piece of plastic.
    Very well done Rob.

  3. Nice job on the build, Rob…and the weathering on the deck chairs looks just right – lol.

  4. Excellent build !!! Makes me want to start on mine your is inspiring !!!

  5. WOW!! Great looking model and you can’t beat the photo you chose for your cover! The only thing giving the game away that this isn’t the real thing is the stuff in the background.

  6. Nice clean build, great attention to detail.

  7. Rob,
    This absolutely gorgeous model of a beautiful airplane. Your work is masterful. You are indeed a very skilled and talented modeler. I went over all of your previous articles and I can’t praise them enough. I enjoy seeing your models an look forward to seeing where you store them

  8. This is really impressive, and it must have been difficult to photograph, even outside. It’s somehow you can’t keep it outside, it makes a superb ornament!

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