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Dc-10, Hasegawa 1/200

April 15, 2014 in Aviation

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7 responses to Dc-10, Hasegawa 1/200

  1. Smart – great finish!

  2. Nice build Zoran , welcome aboard sir.

  3. Don’t get to see many airliners here. Nicely done Zoran. Look forward to more.

  4. Very neat looking airliner there, Zoran. 1/200 scale, how big is that?

  5. I remember an airline pilot I knew back in the 70s showing me a cartoon he’d done for the union magazine of the DC-10 – with an Edsel grille on the nose! That was what the pilots thought of it.

    Zoran’s model, of course, is better than that.

  6. Zoran,
    Excellent job. It takes a real skill to do these small airliners and you have it down pat.

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