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Gheto ferrari

April 18, 2014 in Automotive

another diecast that was sitting in the closet getting bored
graffiti are from internet and printed on decal paper

writing meaning (which are real and painted somewhere):
up green = they always catch me while i write on the wa..
left red = F**k the wall that has nothing written on it
black = futile was your REpainting (the wall)
blue = Mamiću go away (Mamić is president of Dinamo Zagreb soccer team) – commonly seen graffiti all over Zagreb city

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10 responses to Gheto ferrari

  1. Is that a 308 hiding under there?

  2. Very clever….I like it!

  3. Creative and cool !!! Great job !!!

  4. thanks, i am glad that you like it

  5. Gotta say this is original thinking. Did you do the art work & if so how?

    • the artwork (graffiti and signatures) are from internet, edited in photoshop and printed on decal paper

      i had 2 sets printed, where i used second to cut small pieces and fill the gaps, like door and headlight seams,

  6. Very interesting, Matija, but what a sad end for a beautiful car.

  7. Very different Matija, nicely done though sir.

  8. Matija,
    Interesting idea. However if it had been left in the ghetto it would have been either stolen and sold out of the country or stripped and sold for parts.

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