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Moson Model Show 2014 – Part 10 (Armor, contd.)

April 14, 2014 in Show Reports

More armor eye-candy from the 2014 Model Show in Hungary.

Make sure to check all the other parts of this photo coverage from the Moson Model Show.

39 additional images. Click to enlarge

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4 responses to Moson Model Show 2014 – Part 10 (Armor, contd.)

  1. Some nice builds there, like the L.R.D.G Chevi .

  2. Hi Martin, rather than post a comment on each of these groups of pictures I ‘ll just say thanks for posting them here, really inspirational and some amazing work,where is Moson by the way ?

  3. Great modelling skills on display.

    My only other comment in passing would be that in the lead photo the cleaning rods are red and white, and I think these colours were kept for artillery units only. It looks like a converted Sherman – whatever the type is properly called – so maybe it did in fact fall into that category.

    Great photos all round though.

  4. Many thanks for taking the time to share with us, Martin….:)

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