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Receive my prize !

April 22, 2014 in Aviation

I receive my prize today ! my cat “Thot'” love this !
Thanks to Imodeler and the store from Great Britain !
But i build this later later later….

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24 responses to Receive my prize !

  1. Good on you, mate, Well deserved! Nothing better than a new model kit and a little pussy.

  2. Congratulations Olivier, i ll be able to wait to see this kit finish.

    Best regards, Eric

  3. Congratulations Olivier, I hope you enjoy the build.


  4. Well done, Oliver, I’m sure it will be built to your usual high standards. How did you get that furry finish on the cat?

  5. So tell me….what are the hour and minute hands on that clock…..knives?

  6. Olivier, great job on the Mirage 2000, and a well deserved prize. Enjoy it!

  7. Congratulations! Enjoy the build.

  8. From a Cats point of view. “With proper supervision and training any human can be made into a productive modeler”. Nice to see you and your companion take credit in helping you do such good work, Oliver. Looking forward to you and your cat’s efforts in making that Eduard Mig-21purrr.

  9. Congrats!
    Nice PUSSY! 😀

  10. Well done Olivier!
    I’ll leave the cat and the clock to others.

  11. Modeler’s rule # 3: Felines are not allowed near or on the production line for reasons of safety. Congrates on the prize!

  12. Olivier,
    A well deserved congratulations.

  13. Now the Beer !
    the cat don’t drink this beer….

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