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Revell Mk 9 Spitfire 1/48

April 13, 2014 in Aviation

This is one I built ages ago but is still a favourite of mine, The Revell Mk 9 Spitfire is a pleasure to build, if I remember rightly you get the option of rounded or the more pointed tailfin and the rounded or clipped wing tips ,you can probably tell I’m not a Spitfire expert.
The decal sheet was from Hannants and gives the choice of BMF or camoflaged Isreali aircraft and a camoflaged Egyptian aircraft .
Your comments please.

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15 responses to Revell Mk 9 Spitfire 1/48

  1. Very nice Neil. I like the Spitfire in this livery, I always fancied doing the all black Israeli Spit flown by their former Prime Minister.

  2. Nicely done Neil. And what scale is it?

  3. Well done Spitfire Neil.

  4. I guess I somehow fell out of the loop. I had no idea that Revell produced a Spitfire Mk. IX in 1/48. Well done Neil. How do you rate this kit as far as accuracy & assembly?

  5. Alright Seamus me old pal,I’m not a Spitfire expert so I couldn’t really say too much about accuracy but it goes together nicely and I think it looks great,it’s widely available in the U.K. but I think I read somewhere that it is actually the Hasegawa moulding though don’t quote me on that, the office is very nicely detailed as well, glad you like it.

  6. Seamus, the Revell Mk9 is the Hasegawa moulds from a few years back.

  7. Nice looking Spitfire, Neil, good to see one in an unusual colour scheme.

  8. Neil,
    Beautifully done all around. I really like the IAF markings. You did an excellent job on this. I did the all black Spit years ago. Your model may prompt me to do one again.

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