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Porsche 936 turbo

May 31, 2014 in Automotive

Tamiya 1/24
It’s an old kit from Tamiya but the only for this car…
The 936 turbo win LeMans in 1977 with Jacky Ickx, Hurley Haywood and Jürgen Barth.

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12 responses to Porsche 936 turbo

  1. Very nice Olivier. Gloss white is not easy to paint but it appears you laid yours on perfectly.
    Nice job on those big decals too.

  2. It looks great, Oliver, and it’s always nice to see something different, done well.

  3. A classic in every way, Olivier, you’ve applied those Martini stripes beautifully.

  4. Le Mans 24 hour group build, anyone?

  5. Did they also use these in Can-Am, or was that still a 917 variant? There’s a race series that should make a comeback!

  6. Olivier
    I am truly impressed with this little beauty.

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