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Tarangus 1/48 Saab Lansen

May 21, 2014 in Aviation

This is the limited edition 1/48 Saab Lansen by Tarangus, a relatively new company specializing in Swedish subjects. I built this a couple years ago for Airfix Model World magazine, the article appearing in the December 2013 issue.

Numerous Maestro Models photo-etch sets, including speed brakes, interior, boarding ladder and intake covers where used along with extensive scratch detailing in the wheel wells and cockpit. Maestro Models decals were also used.

Paint were Humbrol for the camo colors and Alclad for the bare metal undersides.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge

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19 responses to Tarangus 1/48 Saab Lansen

  1. Very nice, I’ve heard that kit is a bi…, er, witch to build. 🙂

  2. Superior clean build, difficult or not

  3. really cool. Looks sweet.

  4. Exquisite build and photography, Eric…it’s easy to see why your model was used by the publishers. Outstanding workmanship, sir.

  5. Eric,
    Beautifully done. Your painting is excellent. A real fine looking model. I really like it.

  6. Really nice work Eric ,a contender for the monthly prize in my oppinion.

  7. Very nice and clean build. Well done!

  8. Fantastic work. The finish is perfect.

  9. I saw this in the Airfix mag and you did a great job mate.
    Well done Eric.

  10. Wow! I really like this one. Bravo!

  11. Looks like model of the Month material to me. Some really strong building …no seams,runs or errors in the paint work. Crystal clear canopy and some neat PE for the ladder.

    Two thumbs up on this one.

  12. Can’t add much more than what has already been said. Other than this is the first build of the Tarangus Lansen I have seen or read about. Really a rare and unique aircraft. The Swedes can really build some really neat aircraft. As well as cars with a couple of Volvos in the stable. Great work and presentation on a unique aircraft Eric. After seeing this I may have to get one as well as the upcoming Viggen.

  13. I too saw it in the Mag but one never tires of admiring a well built model.
    Thanks for showing it again Eric.

  14. This is awesome! They even modeled the novel air brake! I’ve been searching for a 1/48 Lansen to go with my J29,J35 and J37 and never even heard of this! Did it just come out?
    The model looks fantastic!

  15. Looks really nice, thanks for sharing.

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