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1/32nd FW-190-D “Dora”

June 20, 2014 in Aviation

Built a while back, this [Hasegawa?] kit went together quite well as I recall. Painted with ‘rattle cans’, as I always do if I can get away with it, and built entirely OOB. The ‘mottled’ effect was achieved by simply spraying through a hole in an old greeting card.
Staining was accomplished with Doc O’Brien’s weathering powders. Don’t even know if they’re still available anywhere. A set of a dozen or so various colors will/should last a very long time. They’re about the consistency of baby powder and it doesn’t take much, believe me. The panels lines were “drawn” in with a draftsman’s mechanical pencil. Photos were taken outside in natural light.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge

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25 responses to 1/32nd FW-190-D “Dora”

  1. Craig,
    Wow, that’s a first class job. Rattle cans? That makes it even better! Must be the Hasegawa, because of the accessory bay. I also have used the mechanical pencil with engraved detail. Simple, and effective. This is a wicked looking aircraft. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another impressive contribution Craig. You are a Master of the “Rattle Can”.

  3. i agree with bob…hasegawa really caught the wicked lines…i all ways liked it more in greens than greys…very sharp looking model

  4. Nice Craig, master of the rattle can.
    I know what you mean about cleaning the air brush, a pain.
    Well done Craig.

  5. Pretty impressive looking work, Craig. Nice!

  6. Very nice FW-190D !!!! You made, in my opinion, a ugly bird look good!!
    Very nice job! Nice bright, sharp pics too….

  7. Great Dora Mate well done and nice photos!!!

  8. Nice job. Great airplane. 🙂

  9. Very nice and an inspiration to us can shakers

  10. Nice work Craig. the assembly looks flawless, and the finish from a rattle can is really well done. What brand paint did you use? I am a die-hard airbrush guy, but Tamiya sure does a nice job on their spray bombs. And, despite loving the airbrush, anything that means I don’t have to spend time cleaning it (yet again..) is a great thing! 190D is one of my favorites, and I like your work on it.

  11. Thanks, Paul….the only Tamiya paints I have are the gray and the white primers and the acrylic jars. As far as spray paint, I use Model Master. They have a HUGE assortment of “military colors” from which to choose.
    I may break down and use the airbrush for my yet-to-be started Tamiya 32nd Corsair – although Model Master “Intermediate Blue” will be the overall color and their “Sac Bomber Green” serves well as interior green (I’m not going to bother to try to replicate that salmon color).

  12. You certainly hit the sweet spot on that one, Craig. Good job. ! When you can’t tell rattlecan from airbrushed, I’d say, “mission accomplished” !

  13. Great job an a beautiful airframe! Love those Dora’s..

  14. Looks good mate! Very clean build and a great paint job!

  15. You can work some magic with those spray cans! That is a most EXCELLENT looking Dora!

  16. Doc O’Brien’s weathering powders are amazing! They are pretty much all I ever use for pastel weathering effects. The Grungy Grey is a universal weathering powder that looks great on both aircraft and armor. Yes, they are still available through Micromark.

  17. Very impressive Craig. I also use spray cans once in a while on large scale models but you have perfected the art.Well done.I also am a fan of the Dora an d Luftwaffe aircraft.

  18. Nice clean build. I’d say a pretty impressive paint application using “rattlecans” shot through a greeting card, very good!

  19. Looks good, Craig, the natural lighting sets your superb finish off a treat.

  20. Craig,
    Outstanding. You are indeed the “Rembrandt of the Rattle Can”. You did an outstanding job on this and I really await seeing your Tamiya Corsair. Great job.

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