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A work in progress. Just for fun, can you tell what it is? Yep. Hs 126.

June 1, 2014 in Aviation

It’s 1/48. So far, has been great fun to build. 🙂

Torn between BoB or Balkans markings. Hmm….

1 additional image.

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23 responses to A work in progress. Just for fun, can you tell what it is? Yep. Hs 126.

  1. A plastic kit!!!!!
    No idea but 2 seat high tail plane is a start.

  2. Is it a 2 seat Me 109 ?

  3. Not enough visual aids (at least for me)…keep posting with more clues – somebody will hit upon it.

  4. Well, I am stumped and stymied. I see what looks to be a 109 fin, but that is about it. I thought possibly a 108, but the cockpit configuration is all wrong. When will the answer be revealed?

    • I can give some hints. It’s high wing, Luftwaffe, and was used in all places the Luftwaffe went. Was first used in the Spanish civil war, tho only in small numbers. Not a fighter. 🙂

  5. HS 126. I was just looking over that kit the other day, saying “I should build this”. Cool airplane.

  6. Italeri tho…. Same thing of course. 🙂

  7. Just checked them out ,that’s a nice looking airplane,should be good when it’s finished.

  8. You probably coulda posted the finished kit and I STILL wouldn’t have known what it was….:(

  9. A surprisingly good sized aircraft. It’ll be fun to watch how this build comes along. Be sure to stick something else in the final (completed) photo, for size reference.

  10. Nice! Good to see somebody build this type. I’ve got the old Airfix 1/72. Isn’t there an Africa option? It would look good in Sandgleb 🙂

  11. Paul,
    I will eagerly await seeing the finished model.

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