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Accurate Miniatures 48th TBM-3

Thank goodness for pre-cut canopy masks. Although there are the usual screw-ups here and there, I’m happy (for the most part) as to how it turned out. I was trying for the “Atlantic Scheme”, although for the sake of ‘accuracy’, I’m not sure the paint job is 100% appropriate (but I don’t care). I have a GB Avenger and an “intermediate blue over white’ TBF as well, so I wanted something different. Not necessarily right, but different. And please overlook any cat hair you happen to spot.

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14 responses to Accurate Miniatures 48th TBM-3

  1. Looks like an Avenger to me! I usually go for Monogram’s stuff, but their Avenger is a toy, this looks much better, and the Atlantic scheme looks great! (I do have the 21st Century Toys TBF in 1/18, and it is a BEAST! (Unfortunately, they gave me two horizontal tails for the same side, now they are defunct, so I guess I’m funct as well!) Do you have an in progress thread for this?

    • Sorry, Josh…I don’t. You wouldn’t wanna see ’em anyway, believe me – 🙁
      As for the “two left feet” dilemma, am I missin’ sumthin’ or can’t ya just take one and flip it over [upside down] to the other side?

      • If it was just a painting issue, yes I could swap them. The vertical tail, however so cleverly named, is only vertical along the centerline. The slope from the fuselage to the tip has a slant to it and the horizontals are molded to butt right up to the vertical. I do suppose I could get out the Dremel and re-contour it. I don’t think anyone would notice a missing 1/8 in in this scale!

  2. Craig,
    Nice job on this big airplane. I think on this one you are very correct about the advantage of pre-cut canopy masks, wow, what a job! Good to hear there is another cat lover/modeler out there. I am still trying to figure out how to build with 3 cats, the latest just over a year old. I hate to cut them out of the stuff I’m trying to do, but it just isn’t feasible when you get down to actually working on a kit, and trying to have them in the same room!

  3. Nice Avenger Craig. Like the Atlantic scheme. I’m with you on masking glass. One of my least favorite things so I’ve started using masks whenever possible.

  4. Nice clean build.

  5. Another nice one Craig – those canopy masks did the job nicely – one of these days I may have to try using some!

  6. Craig,
    Your model is very nicely done. Don’t discount what problems you may have had with it. I have built three of these and when the directions say “pay attention” all I can say is, pay attention. This is not an easy kit to build so what you have done is a compliment to your modeling skills. Great kit and I like what you have done with it.

  7. Nicely done Craig. I have three A/M TBM’s in the stash and hope they turn out as well as this one. Yeah, cats and model building. Who knew?

  8. It looks like a monster, Craig, nicely built and finished, and I can’t see any cat hair!

  9. Nice Avenger, Craig ! I hope i understand sometimes the AC instructions

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