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AMTech P-40F-15 Warhawk

June 30, 2014 in Aviation

The AMTech (ex-AMT) P-40F with the resin corrected nose AMTech provided in their kit to fix the wrong nose the kit had. I don’t remember whose resin cockpit this is, but the decals were by Aeromaster. The scheme is the “early desert scheme” of Tan over Olive Drab with Neutral Grey undersurfaces. The airplane was flown by the 79th Fighter Group during the North African and Sicilian campaigns – in this iteration it is as it was during the Sicilian invasion with the red-surround insignia. I made a sliding canopy from a sheet of clear Butyrate vacuformed over the too-thick kit canopy.

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2 responses to AMTech P-40F-15 Warhawk

  1. nice…i’ve got the triple set off ebay no corrected nose but was looking at stud and lighthouse louie decals yesterday…love that scorpion

  2. I built the early release F, and scratched the nose correction,and bought a resin cockpit. I bought the later E, and even the replacement fuselage was a mess, then the Haesgawa E was released, it is now a styrene dust bunny.

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