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Check this out Model Airplane and Scratchbuilding Enthusiasts

June 17, 2014 in Aviation

Wow – a 1:60 scale model Boeing 777 constructed from manila file folders – this knocked my socks off when I read and article about it in an engineering trade magazine. So I googled it up and found lots more images here:

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11 responses to Check this out Model Airplane and Scratchbuilding Enthusiasts

  1. Just looking at the first page wass enough for me.

    Nice spot Ralph.

  2. I do quite a bit of scratch building but nothing of that calibre. Manila file folders? Now that is skill.

  3. Holy S**t….I’d be in a rubber room by now ! Wonder how long THAT took ?

  4. Amazing link. I was impressed at the start and then blown away when saw that he was doing a full interior as well!

  5. Guess nobody told him it couldn’t be done.
    Just imagine what the guy could do with steel, bricks and mortar.

  6. Well, he certainly has the art of the paper model down. If only he would join this site, I did start a group for paper models!

  7. Me oh my, I am getting tired!

  8. I think I am going to be sick. Genius work but far too much for little Ol me.

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