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Old Hasegawa A-4E 1/32

June 13, 2014 in Aviation

Just built this for my neighbor who was in the Navy back in the 60’s. Wanted to give him something from that era.

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13 responses to Old Hasegawa A-4E 1/32

  1. nice work…i’m building a blue angel with that kit…tough kit…i think i rubbed off every panel line…a lot of sanding

  2. Welcome aboard, David….nice-lookin’ build – this can’t be your first, let’s see some more of your work in the coming days.

    • Agree on the sanding and missing panel lines. Removing the seems from intakes wiped out any remaining panel lines.

      Not my first build. I just completed my first non airplane by doing a Star Trek Enterprise.

  3. I like it David. All the more special as it’s going to a vet. I’m not too familiar with post-WW2 markings, but I like the colorful stuff! Let’s see more!

  4. Welcome and thanks for bringing 60’s Navy! Yay color! How about a few more shots of your Scooter?

  5. I just realized I had one half built. It was started 15 years ago!

  6. Well done David, welcome to iModeler

  7. Hello David…Nice looking Scooter and to echo what others have said, welcome to imodeler. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  8. Good looking model, David, and welcome to iModeler. I hope your neighbour appreciated the gift, and has somewhere suitable to display it!

  9. Love me some scooters! They were on the way out, last of the last in VC squadrons when I joined, but I love them. Great CAG markings and beautiful build!

  10. David,
    Very nicely done and a great gift to your neighbor.

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