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All right, then….a P-40 it is –

July 10, 2014 in Aviation

I built this Revell 32nd scale P-40 some time back and thought it sucked (not necessarily the kit, but my build of it)….that’s why I’ve only got a couple pictures of it. So there.

1 additional image.

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16 responses to All right, then….a P-40 it is –

  1. whew! thanks Craig – almost an hour went by without a P-40 post!!

  2. Looks good hanging there Craig, I don’t know why you apologizing for it.

  3. Hi Craig a nice one under your ceiling ! How often do you dust them ?

  4. More accurate than you think, Craig. Every aircraft hanging up in Pensacola, was dusty ! Looks just fine to me !

  5. Craig,
    Late in jumping in with a comment. Looks fine to me. But, how can a good Ol, all American country boy not have a soft spot in his heart for a P-40? Granted it had it’s shortcomings but many nations used them well in the War including us. My inspiration to airplanes and model building was “God is my Co-Pilot” the P-40 was the star. Regardless if you don’t like the P-40, you did it justice.

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