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Kittyhawk Mk.IV 450 Sqn. RAAF, Vatso, Italy, 1944.

July 12, 2014 in Aviation

Being very partial to RAAF desert camouflage, I couldn’t resist this Hasegawa 1/48 scale kit. Goes together beautifully. The ‘No Orchids” cowling panel was apparently moved to successive aircraft , hence the green background to this bit.. The build was out of the box except for a couple of whip aerials & seat belts.
Hope you like it.

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9 responses to Kittyhawk Mk.IV 450 Sqn. RAAF, Vatso, Italy, 1944.

  1. Nice work Tony! Just curious – how did you do the squadron codes and nose art? Are they kit decals, aftermarket, or did you make them yourself?

    • Thanks Bill, The decals were from an after market set by Aussie Decals which I obtained years ago. I’ve just done a quick search to see if they are still available & yes, they are! Southern Sky Models still has them on their website cat. No. A48004. There are three other Australian Kittyhawks on the sheet, all in different camouflage schemes. I recall mine only offered one! There’s quite a lot of reference material available for 450 Sqn on the web if you’e interested. Cheers, Tony

  2. Really nice result here.

  3. A sharp P-40, love the scheme !

  4. Looks great! Love the faded look of the cammo paint.

  5. Tony,
    I never tire looking a P-40’s. Yours is a joy to behold.

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