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Monogram 1/48 Me262

July 28, 2014 in Aviation

Here is a kit that has languished half built for about 6 years or so. I finally put a push on completing it early this year and while completed a month ago, I didn’t have time to try and post it until now.
It is what you find in the kit except for: Lone Star cockpit, Superscale decals, Xtracolour paints.
I made resin copies of my Dragon 262 kit wheels for this build, but as the dragon vinyl wheels haven’t rotted after all this time, I decided to use them on this build.
I plan to prop the canopy open with a brace, but for now, I am leaving the canopy down to keep dust out of the cockpit.
I hope to post more soon.

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21 responses to Monogram 1/48 Me262

  1. Dan,
    Beautiful job on this most interesting aircraft. And it illustrates my good feelings about Monogram kits. If they are done right, like yours, they are hard to beat. Thanks!

  2. Brilliant Swallow Dan. The Mono kit is a great alternative to the more expensive Tamiya version. Like it!

  3. Very nice! Those old Monogram kits always seem to build into good looking models.

    The ones that take the longest come out the best!

    • Thanks- not that it took long to work on- it just sat for far too long, as I avoided the paintwork- and had trouble deciding which airframe to build from the decal sheet!

  4. Very good finish on this, Dan.

  5. Great old kit!! IMHO, it’s a good as any and in your hands, you proved it!! Now if they’d make a 2-holer!!


    • One could always make a vac copy of the Dragon two holer canopy and convert a Monogram single seater with an extra cockpit!
      Thanks for your very kind comment.

      • I actually aquired a conversion kit for the Mono 262 to make a nightfighter. There is a resin rear tub & fairing with a vac canopy, two fuel tanks, and radar antenna. It does require a bit of surgery tho’.

  6. Nice job Dan, all those old Monogram kits is some elbow grease and TLC. And Mr. West’s products help too.

    • Yeah, can’t wait to work on the F9F-5P panther I have- even if it is a later modification of the old original F9F-5 kit. The Lone Star cockpit is really nice!
      There was much elbow grease and TLC!

  7. Man that makes me wish I hadn’t traded mine away a few years ago! Monogram why did you fold into Revell why oh why! We could use you these days, Revell is carrying the torch somewhat, but nothing like those great Monogram kits! Nice build.

  8. Well done Dan, you executed the scheme quite well that is unique to the 262. I have this kit as well as a Dragon and a Tamiya. So someday I will have all 3 on display, though I believe the Dragon will be a challenge with all the detail bits. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for the comment- I have the Verlinden set for the Me262, but I am not sure I will use all the stuff in it when I get to that point. I would like to push out more of my preferred subject matter- USN/USMC!

  9. Good work on an older but good kit, love Monograms too

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