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Nanchang Chinese trainer

July 3, 2014 in Aviation

See….? I TOLD ya one never knows what they’ll find in that restoration hangar down the road from me. They allow me to wander about and take photos provided I don’t touch anything or ask stupid questions (well….at least I didn’t touch anything).
I doubt these will be any help in regard to reference ‘walk-around’ pics, but Trumpeter makes a Nanchang CJ-6…perhaps one of you have it your stash?

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6 responses to Nanchang Chinese trainer

  1. Very interesting pictures, Craig, thanks a lot.

  2. These things have really become popular in the last few years. There is now a display team on the airshow circuit that flies them. Wish it were mine!

  3. Great Craig, I remember commenting on your T6 post, saying pity they don’t still build the T6, well I forgot these! Not quite a T6, but very close, must be great to own one! Quite a few in Aus, ya gotta love the sound of a radial, has me running outside every time I hear one!

  4. Thanks for the pic’s Craig. If this is the aircraft I think it is I have always liked the wing attitude on the original Yak? version. To me the wings look backwards.

  5. boy…that’s butt ugly

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