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Off-Topic – RIP my favorite actor

James Garner’s favorite “James Garner moment” from his favorite of the movies he made. Mine too.

The words may have been written by the best screenwriter ever, Paddy Chayefsky, but the words come from the mouth of a man who “won” two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star as an infantryman in Korea for two years. He wasn’t acting.

Something to remember with our models.

13 responses to Off-Topic – RIP my favorite actor

  1. I’m with you Tom…..he was one of my favorites as well.

  2. Garner was awesome. Old guys like me loved his work. He WILL be missed.

  3. one of my favorites too – Rockford Files still ranks as one of my favorite tv shows ever. and a good guy to boot. sad to hear he passed.

  4. A great loss but then any loss of any veteran is the loss of a link to our heritage.
    I have to put “Grand Prix” out as one of the ground breaking movies of it’s day.

    • Oh yeah, and it still holds up. Saw it a few months ago on TCM and they really “put you in the driver’s seat.” Was cool they also had the “making of” short, which showed how they put the actors “in” real races. Garner became interested in racing from his involvement with this movie. He did all his own stunt driving on Rockford, and his signature high-speed reverse with a spin and acceleration forward in the same direction is now known by stunt drivers as “the Rockford.”

    • Grand Prix is a pretty good movie Great acting, good racing footage, but it is a drama with racing in the background. LeMans on the other hand… There will probably never be another movie like it. It is a race with a movie going on in the backround somewhere. I do want Grand Prix in my collection though, but I’m having trouble finding it on DVD.
      How about some models of cars he drove in television/movies? I’d like to see someone tackle the Firebird wagon from the Rockford Files!

      • Check the Turner Classic Movies store online. they just showed a restored print of Grand prix this past year, so that means they have it on aDVD (probably with a couple other good movies you may or may not like, that’s how they do them).

  5. Just last week saw ‘Thirty Six Hours’. One of my favorites.


  6. If this is “Off-Topic”, shouldn’t it have posted in THAT group rather than takin’ up space on the “Headlines” forum? Let’s not turn this in to a “Facebook” site. Jus’ sayin’…………

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