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Tamiya 1/48 P-51B “Captain Don S. Gentile” and A-36 dirtied up

July 11, 2014 in Aviation

F.D.R. called him “Captains Courageous”…maybe that’s why his plane was called “Shangri-La”

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14 responses to Tamiya 1/48 P-51B “Captain Don S. Gentile” and A-36 dirtied up

  1. Very cool Bob……Nice model, nice photos.

  2. Yeah….what he said. Good lookin’ work all around.

  3. Now these are both good looking P-40’s.
    Great work Bob.

  4. Outstanding work Bob. I don’t know what Al’s thinking; P-40’s ha, that’s the best looking pair of Messersmith’s I’ve seen lately

  5. Outstanding build!! You make that old Tamiya kit look fantastic. Time for newer versions of the Mustang??


  6. Very nice Mustangs, Bob your weathering make these kits shine ! a few years
    ago, i did the same P-51B from Tamiya, i was very surprised, that the kit
    decals tear apart in the moment they got wet ! It is still a project…..

  7. Bob, great attention to detail and finishes in this scale.

  8. Like it! Great weathering Bob.

  9. Bob,
    Great looking model. I have always liked Gentile’s aircraft. I did one in 1/72 years ago. To me the Tamiya kit is the best. Like your P-51A I think you have inspired me to do Gentile’s ion 1/48. I love it.

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