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32nd Me-163 Komet

August 25, 2014 in Aviation

Another old build rescued from the shelf of the model room, cleaned of dust residue and presented for your dining and dancing pleasure. Another Hasegawa kit (I think), which was a pretty simple and straight forward build with no problems, major OR minor. Naturally, no airbrushes were harmed in the assembly of said model – lol
There are some things I’d have done differently back when I built it, but it’s a fairly accurate representation nonetheless. As always, thank you for your indulgence.

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9 responses to 32nd Me-163 Komet

  1. Hi Craig. She looks great! Those Luftwaffe pilots that flew her sure had guts. A fuel leak into the cockpit could actually disolve the pilot.

  2. Great job with this one Craig!

  3. You’ve done a neat job of the camouflage on this one, Craig, especially considering that no airbrushes were used!

  4. Nice one Craig, the master of the rattle can.
    For some reason I always thought that it was an Me 163.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Yep ,163 ,nice job Craig.

  6. Another super job Craig. Your soft feathers and subtle blends and color shifts with spray paint just impresses the hell out of me.
    So did you hone your talents by spending your youth “tagging” billboards and painting mosaics on the sides of abandoned buildings??? 😉

  7. Nice job Craig. Paint work looks great.

  8. Craig,
    Looks good. cleaning and dusting your models sounds like a full time job.

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