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48th S-3 Viking

One of my older builds I decided to take down, wash off and “make nice” – well, as nice as it’s gonna get anyway. I looked at some photos of a few S-3’s and perhaps I SHOULDN’T have cleaned it – lol
I believe it’s a Hasegawa kit (I don’t recall, it’s been so long). It had/has the G.W.Bush livery (his name is barely visible on the canopy frame)…he made news when flew aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln many years back. It would appear my modeling talent(s) haven’t improved much since then either (sigh…). Oh well – I didn’t have a Viking, so….

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16 responses to 48th S-3 Viking

  1. May be true, Craig. The last S-3 I saw-at an airshow-was the dirtiest, oldest looking aircraft imaginable. Copious amounts of black “goo” had been spread along panels, windscreen/fuselage joints. The crew, twenty-somethings, admitted that she was older than they were and had been ridden hard and put up wet.

  2. Looks like a Viking to me Craig. As the say:
    “everything is new once”

  3. Despite her age she is still a nice looking dame! I am sure she was spotless the day she was Air Force One!

  4. Maybe it’s those big tanks by the engines, but it never registered what a compact (stumpy) aircraft the Viking is. Reminds me of the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver.
    Regardless it was a very capable aircraft and I think the US Navy lost a part of their legacy when they dissolved the VS squadrons some of which had lineage reaching back to the roots of USN aviation

  5. Nice Viking…now you want to know what we in VS 38 (and the other S-3 squadrons) Called the Blue Wolf on the tail? 🙂

  6. I’m glad you cleaned the old bird off and showed it to us, Craig, it’s an impressive looking plane.

  7. Lovely Viking there, I did not realise that is was so stubby, or is it my yes.
    Looks great though Craig.

  8. Rob: I’d like to know what you called the blue wolf, too.

    Sounds like a good story.

  9. Sorry guys, the wife has been in the hospital having some surgery, all is well, but I was a bit busy. We called him the “Gay Blue Wolf” because of the way he stood a bit limp wristed. Hope that did not offend, it was done to bust on our sister squadron. not insult anyone 🙂 I mean the rest of us had fire breathing dragons, or missle wielding Griffons even that crazy old screw bird, then there were the Wolves……

  10. Craig,
    Looks great to me.

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