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Academy 1/72 LTV F-8E Crusader USMC Vietnam

August 21, 2014 in Aviation

A follow up to the Crusader mini group build we had earlier in the month, I have here the excellent Academy 72nd scale Crusader. Using the Eduards zoom cockpit set and an Aeromaster sheet for the USMC markings. This build I was able to depict what a Marine Crusader can do when loaded for bear. No issues in the build, kept the wings extended while have the wing configured in the up position with slats down. Aeromaster Acrylic was used for the Lt Gull Grey upper surface, using Floquil Reefer White for the lower and flying surfaces using Future to keep the glossy tone. The bombs and Zuni’s were in the kit which is a nice touch. Fun build, looks great among it’s brethren on the flight deck. Thanks for viewing Semper Fi.

Fly Navy

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18 responses to Academy 1/72 LTV F-8E Crusader USMC Vietnam

  1. Excellent – in 1/72 too! Nice work Chuck.

  2. Looks great Chuck, like the payload, real estate movers!!
    Well done sir.

  3. Love that build…I prefer something a little bigger, though (and, yes, I know the old line 🙂 … “that’s what SHE said”). Excellent detail work, Chuck

  4. That’s a very well done F-8… great work Chuck!

  5. Looks great Chuck. Nice to hear your impressions on the kit. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Thanks Alan, even if a kit is not quite up to par, i won’t slam, I will just point out the troubles I ran into. Just notating for what to look for when building it. That is what I like with some of the WIPS as I have of the lot of the kits these guys are building and take note of some of the issues they run into, or change a procedure to avoid that problem.

  6. Very impressive, Chuck, no matter the scale. Your love of Navy aircraft definitely shows in this build.

  7. Damn nice work, but there’s just something not right about taking the finest air-to-air fighter of its generation (including the Phantom) and turning it into a mud-mover. Like taking a Kentucky Derby champion and hooking it up to a plow.

  8. Great looking Crusader Chuck. I had this kit when it first came out, but it’s long since gone. I keep fondling the “Sundowners” release of this kit down at my local Hobby Shop. I can’t remember, is the wing set up to be raised with drooped slats or did you modify the kit.

  9. Nice clean build, great detail on the underside.

  10. Chuck,
    Looks great. I like what you have done.

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