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After ambush

August 13, 2014 in Armor

I’ve started to build this diorama in January, finally it is ready, not perfect but as far as it is my second diorama it is not bad i think, hope you like it… 🙂

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13 responses to After ambush

  1. really nice job ! i like it me too …

  2. Fantastic mate, Captures the moments well.

  3. Pretty doggone good as far as I’m concerned. The Humvee, being no small vehicle itself, really puts the size of the dozer in perspective.

  4. Thanks for posting that, Csóri, looks good. Can you give us more details: scale, kits used etc?

  5. It’s good too see something contemporary, Csori, and your diorama definitely tells a story, but, as Mike has said, some more details regarding the models would be appreciated. Is the bulldozer the Meng Models kit?

  6. thanks guys! more information:
    – D9R bulldozer by MENG
    – D9R crew by Valkyrie miniatures
    – M1114 humvee by Bronco
    – US modern infantry by Tamiya

    scale 1/35

  7. Csori,
    Looks good great build.

  8. Now this is a nice scene. Great work.

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