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Sad story about a Sea Fury

Watch this link to see the video and story of a Sea Fury at an air display at R.N.A.S. Culdrose, England

9 responses to Sad story about a Sea Fury

  1. Gear down….but apparently not “locked”…..damn!

  2. I know because it’s an airshow and vintage types are few that it looks remarkable, but I’m sure this sort of incident occured daily in operations ‘back in the day.’ I’m thinking of the many films of carrier aircraft cracking up on landing or sliding over the side, none of which were reported, but which evidence we have because of camera work by a crew member.

    Don’t know it it was pilot-error or a mechanical fault (the gear seemed to drop only just at ground level), but the pilot was a cool customer afterwards.

  3. Thanks for bringing the news. I have added a Youtube video showing the event.

    Looks to me like a complete loss of power – followed by excellent emergency landing on part of the pilot. Happy to see that nobody got hurt, and the aircraft should not be overly damaged.

  4. Not a good thing but nobody hurt & the aircraft is fixable. Both a good thing.

  5. i am glad he could walk away from that landing!

  6. Thank God nobody was injured.

  7. I must say, it would almost be worth (almost!) crashing the Sea Fury to have Eric Brown say this about you: “It was a pretty amazing piece of flying – There couldn’t have been a better person at the controls and the entire Fleet Air Arm community salutes him!”

  8. Always sad to see them get bent, but if it’s going to happen, this is the way to do it! For a second I though he was going to get away without a prop strike, but alas, it was not to be. I foresee it flying again in the not too distant future. Was it flying with a Centaurus engine?

  9. $50k for the prop, $250k for engine overhaul. Airframe work-who knows? According to a co-worker of mine, who is doing a one-man (literally) hopefully airworthy restoration of a Hawker Tempest II. Evidently the Centaurus is iffy to re-build, and he replaced his with a R-3350 (only about 2″ difference in diameter) and prop from a Skyraider.

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