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Saturn V Mock Up

August 22, 2014 in Uncategorized



This is the Dragon Saturn V in 1/72nd scale !!! Yikes it is big, and still need to add the escape tower, but I wanted to mock it up and see how it looked.

Still lots of work to go for seam clean up , puttying, priming and detail work.

Yes, that is a transparent part so you can view the Lunar Lander once complete……..

I don’t know, you buy these things on impluse, then you decide you might as well build these things, and then figure out where in the world it will go, the kitchen in front of the fridge will help me loose weight but is not a real option !!!

More to come in a few months….

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12 responses to Saturn V Mock Up

  1. Wow that is huge. Looks like you’ll need a free corner to display it.
    Hope you don’t have cats… 😉
    Look forward to seeing your progress reports

  2. You might be able to decorate it for Christmas. All kidding aside it will be very cool when done.


    • I don’t know about Christmas, but it would make a great Festivus pole! At least it has a small footprint. (Unless you display it horizontally like the one in Huntsville.) I have to get one to go with my 1/72 Shuttle stack!

  3. Once the escape tower is attached, that’s gonna be like 5 feet high, ain’t it..? Were it I, I’d hang it at about a 45-degree angle (launch trajectory) from the ceiling – that’s about the safest place for it in my opinion. Probably STILL be only about 3-4 feet from the floor, though. Look forward to seein’ it done.

  4. I am mounting four of these on the roof rack of my SUV!
    I will never have to blow my horn to the guy driving 40MPH in the
    fast lane again!
    OK, just kidding. George, as cool as it gets. I will be following this build Wow!!

    California Steve

  5. Impressive George! I have seen the box, but not the constructed model. I knew it would be big, but that is BIG. At least it displays standing up so you don’t need a giant shelf to hold it.

  6. It’s definitely a living room display, Geroge. Likely a Best of Show at the Pasadena show.

  7. An awesome kit! Can’t wait to see the roll out of the finished model. Would look even more spectacular with the launchpad and gantry!! A true testimony to the brave astronauts of the Apollo program.

  8. Big is not the word I would use, enormous more likely.
    You are going to need a lot of paint , primer etc.
    This looks like a build of industrial proportions.
    We wish you luck George.

  9. Can’t wait to see this puppy built up, will you be using the aftermarket engines which look more accurate ?

  10. Does the model come with a gantry tower?

  11. George,
    Can’t wait to see it completed.

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