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The major George Preddy and the P-51 D-5-NA “Cripes 3 A mighty 3rd”

August 17, 2014 in Aviation

To completed my last build, the P-51 “Cripes a A Mighty 3 rd”, i had make this weekend some paint on the Major George Preddy figure.
The pilot is from Eagle editions. I changed the pants by removing the anti-G part. In fact at the end of this period, Major Preddy does not appear to this equipment. However, it seems that was the case during his last lap.
Would have surely been that I make a life jacket but I do not have the skills to do it …

Now i ll try to find the PSP base to put my P-51…

Best regards, Eric from France

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18 responses to The major George Preddy and the P-51 D-5-NA “Cripes 3 A mighty 3rd”

  1. Great addition to the Mustang Eric.
    How did you paint his goggles?


  2. May we assume that you used the 48th scale Tamiya kit, Eric…? I’ve seen that figure I think only once before. I like it. You should have photographed the whole aircraft (maybe when you get the PSP).

  3. Looking good! We need more figures in not-just-standing there poses, in 1/48 and 1/32. Yours fills the bill.
    At the Squadron booth at the Nats they had a real nice, pre-painted (rusty) PSP base, here’s a link….a bit pricey but looked very good

    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you very much.

      Yes it is exactly this one. I think it is a remake of the True Details model but paint. It is a little bit pricey licke you said.

      Best regards, Eric.

  4. Eric, Fantastic modeling! This even looks like Preddy/ What I am saying is someone might have the figure to model. But to make it come alive is some serious artistry. Well done!

    California Steve

  5. Nice take on this subject, Eric. Like the red socks too!

  6. Very well detailed and painted, Eric, and a great pose.

  7. .

    Sur le coup, à la première photo, j’ai cru que c’était le vrai George Preddy, ma parole !

    Bravo !


  8. That is my all time favorite P-51 scheme. You captured it well. Outstanding work.

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