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A REALLY nice site to come to…!

I had thought about putting some notes together about joining this new group, but never got around to it until now. iModeler is such a refreshing change from the other sites that for necessary reasons are jammed full of irritating ads, wasted space, annoying criticisms and generally boring.

The wide range of subject matter, SUPER easy photo posting, and friendly builders, makes iModeler a treat to visit each and every time. The chap who built this puppy is in my opinion to be congratulated. I’m sure he has been to this point, and I’m chiming in a bit late, but I HAD to put thoughts to text because I really enjoy coming here. Great guys, great builds, and a GREAT site…what more could an ‘ol fart modeler ask for…another rum a coke maybe…;-)…!!

Cheers all, and WELL DONE to the site developer…whomever that may be.

Lima Tango
the Airbrush Guru
Laurie Taite

26 responses to A REALLY nice site to come to…!

  1. Wilcom and yes you’re in the right place. The best modeling Website period. The Editor-in-Chiefis Martin Wal, just click on his picture on the home page for his profile and some history.

  2. Keep your eye on the meatball LT, and we will bring you aboard.
    Welcome, We are having some fun here. Now get below and stow your gear!
    California Steve

  3. Thanks chaps. What I really like about this site is…IT’S SO CLEAN…I’m not used to reading stuff without having all sorts of adverts flashing about the page. BTW, being an airhead, if any of you have had or are having troubles with yer airbrush, feel free to ask for help. I’ve been sprayin and fixin these things since Adam was a lad, and I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve that might help uz out.

    Lima Tango

  4. It’s about time your revealed yourself, sir….we’ve been waiting for you. Welcome “home”. 😉

  5. Welcome to the asylum, Mr Taite! It’s good to have you aboard.

  6. LT,
    Very nicely put and I could not agree with you more

  7. HOLY ZIP KICKER Batman…they like me…!! All punning aside chaps, it’s nice to be welcomed by some real heroes from what I’ve been readin. Retired military types always seem to be rather pleasant dudes…why is that…? I guess you get to a certain age, and you realize, finally, that there really ARE some wonderful folks out there, even if you never meet them.

    I look forward to sharing LOTS of “stuff” with the forum groups.

    Semper Fi
    Lima Tango

  8. You’ve found the best modelling site now, Laurie, take some time to read the info here, then post some of your work. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

  9. Here’s “the Chap” checking in. Welcome onboard at iModeler!

    Your description of websites being “jammed full of irritating ads, wasted space, annoying criticisms and generally boring.” happens to be a good reflection of our starting point when designing this site. We also aded a handful of other principles including making web posting available and easy for everyone. I’m happy to see that these values show. From my humble point of view, I *know* they are making iModeler unique.

  10. Welcome to the BEST that beats the rest hands down!!!

  11. Welcome aboard the mad house L.T.
    We all enjoy this site, so clean and friendly, also there are a lot of talent shown here too.

  12. I second everything you said about others sites – I don’t have the extended attention span needed to find anything worthwhile on most of them.

    As a non-airbrush user (never even held one) but potential future airbrusher, I will be paying attention to learn from your great experience.

    So as others said, Welcome aboard!


  13. Yes, absolutely the best site I’ve been to. All the members are supportive and respectful. It makes me want to suggest that Imodeler should not take on any new members to keep the riff raff out. Just kidding.

  14. Welcome to the light side L.T., a land of models and modelers.

  15. welcome aboard and here’s to a good rum & coke! Cheers dude!

  16. LT

    Do you airbrush before drinking the rum cokes or after a few. Perhaps I’m not following the correct sequence, maybe that’s why my airbrushing is so “spotty”….;-)
    Welcome !

  17. You guys are just weird.

    • Hey Rob, you silly leg-before-wicket Limey, are you still usin those numba 3 Russian Sables that we “colonials” always here about…? 😉 Seen any dead parrots lately…? Had one too many Red Barrels..? All joking aside mate, love hearing from a Brit. Me late mum was from Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire and I spent 2 years in jolly ‘ol working for Harrod’s. Built my first Tamiya 1/12 F1 car while living there. Jackie Stewart’s Matra.

      Cheers mate

  18. we are few and far between but building scale models has been my escape for about 40 yrs

  19. Like/thumbs up/+1 or whatever other thing I can say to agree wholeheartedly!

  20. Actually…I agree with Rob…we ARE weird…!! WE sit at a bench for hours on end, trying to glue little bits of plastic together in the hopes that it will turn out nice and get accolades from admirers. All the while we consume copious amounts of beer, liquor, coffee or tea…yes TEA..and then proceed to stink up the house with vacuous amounts of paint and thinner fumes.
    Now if that’s not a recipe for a fun evening, I don’t know what is…!

    Like the man said…you guys are weird…myself included…;-)…

    Cheers guys, oh and Ralph, how the HECK did you survive this long without an airbrush…?!! Your not a Brit are you…? Not that there’s anything wrong with PAINTBRUSHING your kits…nudge, nudge, wink, wink…!

    Later guys, I have to rebuild a guys airbrush that’s been sitting in MUD for 2 years…!

    Lima Tango
    unclepine for short

    • Oh well, you know I used to build a lot of models when I was a kid. Now here this April, 40+ years later, I started again. So surviving “this long” may not be “that long”.
      Heck, I’m not a Brit, but one thing at a time you know… I just recently learned there’s more than one kind of masking tape! Now I got some that is skinny and yellow too!

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