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Airco DH-2 1/72 Revell

September 3, 2014 in Aviation

My old job. Would highly recommend to see more construction.—dolgaja-statja.html

Regards, Vlad

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20 responses to Airco DH-2 1/72 Revell

  1. Amazing that this is the old Revell kit! Fantastic work 🙂

  2. Well done! She looks absolutely fabulous!!!

  3. Thank you, friends!

    Best regards, Vlad

  4. Wow! Great work, you must have had three pairs of glasses on at once! That rigging is amazing! Great kit, brings back memories of building it as a kid. Revell actually had some a good range of 1/72 WW1 kits, at a time when WW1 aircraft kits were quite scarce. Nice to see the [email protected] built so well.

  5. Amazing (again) you made these old kits shine ! Where to buy this rigging material ? This will be the right stuff for rigging ships in 1/700 scale and
    WW I kits to

  6. How did you do this? What a beautiful model.
    California Steve

  7. You have made an old mediocre kit look amazing, great work.

  8. Struts, rigging, AND turnbuckles in 1/72nd scale….??!! You must have the patience of Job and the eyes of an eagle – AND the talent to do it! Amazing indeed. I wouldn’t even attempt it.

  9. Friends, thank you very much! I am very pleased.

    Sincerely yours, Vlad.

  10. Very well done Vlad. Seems like I can remember building something like this, think it was a Renwal paper skinned model, back in the day.
    Hope you have some more to share.

  11. George, thank you! 🙂

    Bernd, thank you for

    Best regards, Vlad.

  12. Glad,
    I am in awe of what you do with this small scale.

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