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Here is one for Al Huffman It’s a Car!

September 5, 2014 in Cars & Motorcycles

I heard you wanted to see more car stuff. I am experimenting with Tamiya TS17 Gloss
Aluminium, TS Candy Lime Green, and Testors 1113 Dark Metallic Green on a very inexpensive Lindberg Chevy. This is really a (how much Future floor wax does it take)? to get a deep shine. The Lime Green was just misted from the lower part of the body for a highlight. There was a fad a few years back where guys were painting the (just two colors) hot rods. No chrome basics. I will have to re- scribe some areas, but I am having fun.
Sorry if the pics are a bit fuzzy. But you get the basic idea.

California Steve

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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14 responses to Here is one for Al Huffman It’s a Car!

  1. Lookin’ forward to seein’ the end result. I assume it’s gonna be a “low rider”?

  2. Oh Yea, a tail dragger for sure.
    California Steve

  3. Thanks for posting this, Steve, it looks interesting, maybe it’s too late for this build, but Tamiya also do a spray can TS65 Pearl Clear which might be useful………

  4. Awesome paint job!!! That is some fine Detroit steel eye candy!!!

  5. First time on the site today & what do I see: a nice shiny automobile. I like that Steve. I assume this is Lindberg’s reissue of the 1/32nd Pyro kit.
    You do have a nice gloss here. How many coats of Future are on it & do you apply it with a brush?

    • I thought you might like this. Yes it is the reissue. I wanted something that if I messed up I wouldn’t start crying. Haa Haa! There are three coats applied with a wide very soft brush. I might add more just for kicks.
      California Steve

      • I learned thehard way to allow at least 24 hrs between coats.

        • What happens? I haven’t had an issue.
          California Steve

          • I did a very early Mongram hydroplane “Dipsy Doodle” in acrylics & the paint leeched after a couple of same day Future applications. I suspect it might have been a reaction with the type of plastic. It was a cereal mail order premium & seemed like a cross between acetate & styrene. It still had the car promo smell after 50 years.

  6. CA Steve,
    George Barrister would be in awe of this. Love the paint scheme.

  7. CA Steve
    I meant Barris

  8. I knew that. Now relax Frank. Breath in threw the nose and out threw the mouth. I think I spelled Threw wrong, Oh well..
    have a great night.
    California Steve

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