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Macchi C.202

September 15, 2014 in Aviation

Hi, here are pictures from my C.202, done this afternoon outside: It was build some years ago and is still one of my most favorite kits.

The “new” monoplane fighters, developed for the Regia Aeronautica in the late 1930s had
all one in common, by the time these aircrafts were introduced, they were all obsolete.
All were fitted with bulky radial engines, with less power as inline engines like the RR Merlin
or the DB 601 in the 109. Open cockpits and no real firepower doesn t help.
Later, the Italien aircraft industry was able to produce the Daimler Benz inline engines under license. This solved the engine problem. The C.202 were high prized by it s pilots, but they were never enough. Later these aircrafts were further developed with the more powerful DB 605 engine and …more weapons.
All Maccis were constructed by Mario Castoldi ( This is the “C” in the name) had all a asymetric feature, one wing was smaller ! To overcome the torque from the propeller !
Look at the pics.
This is a tyical Hasegawa kit, perfect mouldings and a good fit. It was build out of the box.
The camouflage was sprayed freehand with ModelMaster colours. In my opinion, the best
around, did some tryouts with Xtrcolours, but MM is way better to “handle”
The markings are from the 363°Squadriglia, 150° Gruppo, 53°Stormo, Regia Aeronautica
( its always good, to save the instructions 😉

I hope you like it


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23 responses to Macchi C.202

  1. Mein Freund dass ist ausgezeichnet! Love your finish on this one. Weathering looks good. Congratulations are in order.

  2. Let me take a guess at what Morne typed: “My friend, that is awesome”…(or some such similar adjective?). At any rate, I totally agree…that camo job is top-notch! I never knew about the ‘short wing’ aspect before.

  3. Thank you Craig, the solutions to overcome problems are interesting. No
    contra rotating props, just a 10% smaller wing. I learned this from the
    Squadron Signal book, great reading as always.

  4. Probably my all time favorite aircraft Bernd. You have more than done it justice.

  5. A challenge well met Bernd, you have done fine justice to an under rated plane.
    Nice free hand spray job I must add.
    Thanks for posting Bernd.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Simon, my airbrush is a Badger 150 and the pressure come from an old Revell compressor, purchased from my first salary. I hope i find sometimes
      a filter for this water spitting loud beast.

  6. Well done Bernd. There has to be a bit of Ferrari or Lamborghini blood running through these Italian designs. I like this very much.
    California Steve

  7. Bernd excellent build of a beautiful airplane. Your construction and finish are outstanding.

    • Thank you Rick, Hasegawa aircraft kits in this scale are a pleasure
      to build, so you can concentrate on the paint work. While having
      an old compressor, i must have a good day for the camouflage.
      The pain has to be perfect mixed with thinner.

  8. Great work Bernd! That is one of my favorite kits and it isn’t built often enough. I built mine OOB when it came out in 1995. Nice work and thanks for sharing.

  9. Love that Macci, especially in the desert camo. Superb Bernd.

  10. Very good pictures, Bernd, I can see why this is one of your favourite models, it’s a very nice looking aeroplane.

  11. Bernd,
    This is not my favorite airplane but I have always liked it. I think it is because of it’s lines and it’s incredible comoflauge. Your model is exactly why I like the airplane and your model is exquisite. Outstanding workmanship.

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