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Matchbox 1/48 AD-5 Skyraider

September 19, 2014 in Aviation

I chose the AD-5N (A-1G), VA(AW)-33, USS Forestal, USN, as my first attempt at this ancient kit. At the time I built it, we were lucky enough to even have it, let alone aftermarket parts… During it’s “lifetime”, I’ve seen it go from a $10-12 kit, to a highly sought after, “collectable”, $30-40, then to a Revell re-pop, at $35, less discount..
Meanwhile, it’s toy-like quality never changed, or was updated. Keep in mind, when this kit as first issued, (1981?), any options, like folding wings, or lowered flaps, were considered “detail”, unmatched by most kits in that price range. Unfortunately, while costs increased, quality did not, however, even at $35, you will not find close in a kit of it’s size by any other manufacturer. Because it was re-popped by Revell, it’s doubtful any one else will do it any time soon, and it is a kit neccesary to complete a Skyraider collection, so your choices are limited.
If you are lucky enough to even find the aftermarket goodies, it will easily triple the cost of the kit, and you’ll still have then initial work to do, and as Craig pointed out, it’s no picnic.
I enjoyed the build, but as you know, I’ve always been a glutton for punishment. I don’t recall any major fit problems, or putty work. Eventually I’ll get around to doing the USAF version, but it will probably have little added except interior detail, and different paint.

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18 responses to Matchbox 1/48 AD-5 Skyraider

  1. She looks amazing. Always liked the look of the A1E. Mine has been retired to the boneyard 15 years ago. Think it’s high time I get another one. Great build!!!!

  2. Joe , what can I say mate, a very well painted and finished plane.
    Well done mate.

  3. Hello Joe….Most modelers enjoy a challenge and building that kit certainly is one. But as you said, it’s the only game in town and no Skyraider collection would be complete without the A-1E. Thanks for sharing your fine looking model and let’s hope that one day a quality kit will be released.

  4. Well done Joe, good looking model

  5. I see you tinted YOUR canopy, Joe…..what’d ya use? And how come you didn’t try to apply those decals that “outline” the canopy frames…? Guess you weren’t THAT much of a ‘glutton for punishment’, huh..? 🙂

    • Craig, if memory serves, I used an acrylic paint used to stain “sun catchers”. Luckily, the old Matchbox kit had no “canopy frame” decals that I recall. Sounds like they were exhausting. Well done !

      • Revell must have included an updated decal sheet when they re-issued the kit. The decals that came with mine were quite extensive.

        • I’ve not seen the new ones, but apparently so. It’s the least they could since they didn’t upgrade anything else. Mine were typical Matchbox, along with cover paper. (you know, the one that sticks to the decal sheet most the time) If I ever decide to do the USAF version, more than likely I’ll try to use the other half of the sheet.

  6. Looks great Joe.
    Are those the kit decals?

  7. Very cool, Joe. I don’t recall seeing that one in the museum, but I might have been looking at other stuff… 🙂

  8. Carefully hidden on the shelf behind behind my paint rack…

  9. I think you really did a fine job on this model Joe. The only thing I would add is about six quarts of oil under the engine. I just read a article from a pilot who flew these. You had better put on your work gloves when you do the pre-flite inspection.
    Great modeling.
    California Steve

  10. That’s a great build Joe. By the way; “ancient” for 1981? Some of us might prefer the term “mature” Only kidding, well done!

  11. Very nice, Joe, really good finish on this.

  12. Joe,
    yours looks great for all the warts of the kit. Like I said to Craig, I wish someone would do a real good kit of this aircraft.

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