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Revell/Matchbox 48th AD-5/A1-E Skyraider

September 19, 2014 in Aviation

Well, here it is – for better or worse (mostly worse), but I did the best I could with what I had to work with 🙁
I certainly wasn’t gonna spend any more money on after market stuff for THIS kit. But, seein’s how this is the “only game in town” (until Tamiya or someone finally makes a good one), I didn’t have one, never built one and wanted to try one, so….
It’s a fairly rudimentary kit, with little or no cockpit detail, so I added pilot figures to take up some space. The decal sheet is actually very good and offers markings for a SEA camo version as well as a gray/white Navy version. See all that white around each of the canopy sections? Those were two-part decals for each section. A real pain tryin’ to get THOSE to line up. Some research uncovered the fact that not ALL “4-holer’s” had the rear canopy section(s) tinted – some were left clear, so I left mine clear, figurin’ I better quit now before I mess it up REAL good. I made the mistake of applying a coat of Future before putting on exhaust staining with weathering powders…it doesn’t work too well if ya do that. I suppose I could’ve taken a Q-tip dipped in Windex and removed the Future in that section, but I felt it just wasn’t worth it.
So love it or hate it, the Matchbox Skyraider takes it’s place on the shelf to gather dust.

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28 responses to Revell/Matchbox 48th AD-5/A1-E Skyraider

  1. Looks pretty darn good to me Craig. I like it a bunch. From reading your text before looking at the pictures, I was not expecting that nice of a build. Those white strips on the canopy are a great detail and help add to the good look imho. Nice work – and you are cranking them out wayyy faster than I manage to!

  2. Looks really good, Craig. Did the 3 tanks come with it, or are they from the spares box?

    The white decals on the canopy are way better than I could do. I’d have to swear off adult beverages for a week, prior to making the attempt.

    We’ll look forward to the ongoing future “weathering” that is the fate of all builds.

  3. Rock solid build Craig, i am glad, you finally did it! Congratulation ! 🙂
    Not often seen this one today.

  4. Magnificent build Craig. Aftermarket bits and pieces for this beast will cost a fortune. She is however a scratchbuilder’s dream! You did a very good job on her.

  5. Nice going, Craig. Considering it’s age (it was a high dollar kit $12.00) it seems rather toy-like today. It will make a nice addition to your collection.

  6. Great Craig, a big old beastie well built.
    Nice finish and great pics too.
    Well done Craig.

  7. Hello Craig…I have to agree with Paul regarding what I was expecting to see after reading your text. That Skyraider turned out quite well and the white highlighting around the canopy really jumps out against the GSB paint. Looks like a pretty fine model to me and one that you should be proud of. Good job my friend.

  8. Like it Craig, nice work on what sounds like a bit of a “challenge” kit.

  9. Craig you’ve turned out a great looking model, the finish and decals really make it shine. Well done

  10. Like the others I think it turned out a lot better than you led us to believe we’d be seeing.
    Must be that rattle can magic.

  11. Nice job on an old classic, Craig!

  12. Now you have to admit, you did have a little fun. If not we did!
    Very good job on a basic kit. I’d say display it up front on the shelf.
    California Steve

  13. Very nice! Love the finish, I never have been any good at getting a gloss finish on anything (well I did ok on my McClaren) you nailed it!

  14. Looks absolutely great to me Craig. Love the dark blue with white codes. I was expecting a real disaster from your comments but this looks the goods. Murphy’s law states that just after you’ve completed a difficult kit with blood, sweat & tears, someone will release a new kit whjch is perfect.

  15. After what you said about this kit, Craig, I can’t believe my eyes, it looks terrific!

  16. Thanks, George, but unless you plan on kit-bashing Tamiya’s Skyraider or Monogram’s Spad – “in order to form a more perfect union” – don’t spend any more than $10-$15 on this box of plastic – it ain’t worth it (IMO). And the aftermarket stuff will put you waaaaay over the top in money spent. Besides, I’m not sure it’ll make any real difference(s) anyhow. I’d wait for a new tool release from an established manufacturer if I were you.

  17. Isn’t this the way we all wanted them to look like before the days of AFTER MARKET and resin and photo-etched? Did you have fun? Bet you did and more fun then you had building that $200 kit with $300 worth of AFTER MARKET. It’s real model building only thing more satisfying is scratch-building! Great job. How about a Renwal skins kit next

  18. Craig,
    Catching up on missed titles and I think you did a beautiful job on this. I too would like to see this version of the Skyraider done by Tamiya or Hasegawa with a modern moulding. I like it. Of course anything with MARINE on it looks good.

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