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Z-M 32nd Skyraider

September 3, 2014 in Aviation

This is the very first build I posted on iModeler. I thought I’d try to take some better photos outdoors (which wasn’t easy with the breeze movin’ the model). And now that I’ve seen the pictures, I realize that the room in which I have the model hangin’, gets dusty as well – but not nearly as bad as most of the others which are out in the same room as the litter box (which, when scooping it out, creates MORE dust – and no, I can’t move the box OR the models). Anyhow, it’s a repost of my original introduction to Martin’s “user-friendly” site. Thank you for your indulgence.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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9 responses to Z-M 32nd Skyraider

  1. Hi Craig. She sure is BIG! Love the photo of the diving Spad! Great build.

  2. Nice one Craig, I especially like your paintjob on the pilot! 🙂

  3. Hi Craig, good work on this kit, i guess it is huge, the “worn” pilot helmet
    is a very nice touch. The pic s are great too, but seeing this beast, armed to the teeth, is diving on you is only nice while it is a model 🙂
    Sadly those ZM kits are well above my budged 🙁

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SPAD!!!!

  5. Craig,
    Looks good to me. Nothing like a Skyraider attacking your yard.

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