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Honey I shrunk the model!!!

October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

OK it’s the old giant toy quarter trick. But I have to say I have never seen it done.
In the second photo the real quarter is on the left. Sorry about the photos but it is hard to hold still when you are laughing. Who says you can’t have a but of fun. Oh, the model is 1/144 scale I think? This is my first attempt at this scale Soooo, no laughing! Haa Haa! Enjoy my madness!
California Steve

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20 responses to Honey I shrunk the model!!!

  1. CA Steve,
    Hats off on this and 3 bits to you.

  2. Thanks Frank, I was in one of those 99 cent stores today and when I saw the Giant coins I just had to get stupid. You should see the penny!
    California Steve

  3. And here I didn’t even notice the first quarter was fake ’til you pointed in out. Doh!

  4. Do you also have a dollar bill the size of a beach towel?

  5. Nice Stuka, Steve. Kits in this scale are a challenge to do, looking good.
    I have started in this scale as well,sometimes, somewhat get finished on my bench.

  6. You `re bad Steve, I like it.

  7. Well done Steve. I will never attempt 1/144 scale. Too small for my thick fingers. 😉 Good job!

  8. So, Steve, you paid 99 cents for a quarter?! We have a chain of shops called ‘Pound Stores’ in the UK, where, obviously, everything is one pound. I used to love going into them and asking the shop assistant how much something was, they were often so dumb that they had to go and check!

    • I really got a full bag! Really. I took my nephew to one of these stores years ago when I had little money and bought him a handful of toys for about eight dollars. He thought I must be the rich uncle. Haa!

      California Steve

  9. Gives new meaning to ‘inflation’
    Outside the Box as usual Steve.

  10. We are gonna have to get you a hobby…lol

  11. How do you carry that TEXAS size money around with you?

  12. Saddlebags partner, Saddlebags.
    California Steve

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